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"It’s a real pleasure to be managing director of John Perkins - and to have the support of a dedicated and loyal group of fellow directors and employees."

Making it happen

Robert Yeandle

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of John Perkins Construction, Rob has helmed the ship from modest beginnings to an annual turnover of £9million (July 2017).

He has worked within a Perkins company for almost his entire career, joining the original John Perkins & Son in 1978 as a trainee surveyor/estimator.

In co-founding John Perkins Construction with David Perkins in 1992, he sought to bring the history and pedigree of the Perkins name to a new and vibrant business.

The past 25 years have underscored the success of this partnership of good old-fashioned values with new-generation vitality.

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"John Perkins were one hundred percent dedicated to providing value for money whilst minimising disruption to the building users. They are undoubtedly one of the best contractors I have ever worked with."

Christina Raddon
Building Surveyor
Bristol City Council