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Hydrock’s Over Court Barns

In this £500,000 contract, John Perkins Construction transformed Grade II Curtilage Listed pig barns into a contemporary, high-end office space for engineering consultancy Hydrock.

Carried out over 12 weeks, the project involved working within the live environment of Hydrock's main office complex. Disruption was minimised through careful segregation, plus extensive communication with Hydrock staff and other key stakeholders.

Conservation issues were also a priority. The roof and the existing timbers needed to be retained, and specialist tiles were required in order to adhere to conservation regulations. Even in instances where new elements were introduced, the refurbishment was carried out in conservation style, with an emphasis on exposed stonework and timbers.

The resulting characterful office space was delivered on time and on budget, to a high standard.

“We had a positive view on John Perkins Construction as they have successfully delivered a number of projects for Hydrock over the years. These have involved conversion of listed buildings into offices and they have worked well with us and our design teams to deliver successful and, on occasions, award-winning projects.”

Dr Brian McConnell
Group Managing Director