#JPCInsideStory: Oliver Begg on Newport Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre

28th June 2023 |

In this blog series, we’re asking members of the JPC delivery team a few questions – some serious, some silly – about the current project they’re working on. Find out about their biggest challenges, their (imaginary) celeb sightings, and who they’re counting on when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Name: Oliver Begg

Role: Assistant Site Manager

Current project: Newport Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre

What’s the most interesting part of working on this project?

Newport Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre takes shape

Newport Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre takes shape

The bridge itself is a landmark in its own right for Newport and wider Wales, so its great to have an opportunity to be involved with building the visitor centre, which in turn will help maintain the bridge for years to come. With the pace of the world nowadays, it’s important to retain Britain’s heritage.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Site space. With the site entrance directly off a busy dual carriageway, and not a lot of area to store materials between there and the river, it has been a challenge to co-ordinate deliveries and material storage on site.

What’s one word you hope people use when describing the finished project?


Sum up this project using an emoji


If you could take the whole project team out for a meal, what type of food would you go for?

Would have to be to a steakhouse.

Which celebrity would you like to see unexpectedly arrive on site?

Unai Emery! As an Aston Villa fan, it would be great to shake his hand after getting Villa back into European competition and have a chat about his plans going forward!

Choose one JPC staff member you’d like on your team during the zombie apocalypse and tell us why.

Hayden Pickett – Worked with Hayden on a couple of successful projects for JPC. We work well together, have a mix of experiences and can rely on each other.

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