Kingswood School – Dining Hall and Library


John Perkins Construction secured the stability of two of Kingswood School’s historical buildings, by carrying out repairs to the dining hall and library ceilings.

The ceiling beams date back to 1852. When an issue with them came out of the blue, the school had an immediate duty of care to carry out repairs. However, it was a challenge to find the right solution to a problem that could not be fully understood without significant opening up of the roof structures.

Following a two-stage tender process, Kingswood School and John Perkins Construction agreed that each stage of the works would be negotiated as the project progressed. The school and JPC worked together on a genuine open-book basis, with all financial aspects of the project made transparent between all parties.

A collaborative approach turned out to be critical, especially since safeguarding was so important while working in this ‘live’ environment of a boarding school.

The beginning of the works coincided with exam season, so during certain times there could be no drilling. Above the library, there are occupied bedrooms, so access needed to be restricted first thing in the morning. It was of paramount importance that safeguarding rules were adhered to.

Although the project was logistically complex, and a departure from the usual way of working, it ended up being a huge success. By dispensing with the norm, great solutions can be achieved.

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