The Corsham School – Sixth Form Centre


John Perkins Construction carried out the £1.7m new build construction of a sixth form centre for The Corsham School, with an extension for students with special educational needs.

The ‘live’ nature of the site, adjacent to the main exit route out of the school, meant that extra sensitivity was required.

Deliveries were carefully coordinated, so as not to disrupt school coaches arriving and departing at the beginning and end of the school day. Great care was taken not to disturb the school’s key dates, including exam periods, sports day, and open days.

Communication was also vital for ensuring good logistics planning and Health & Safety. There was daily liaison between the Site Manager and the school, plus regular team meetings with the client and ad hoc communication to discuss anything unexpected.

A commitment to wholehearted collaboration, working with partners Alec French Architects, Smith Consult and IESIS Group, was the key to success in this project. Though timescales were tight, the project was finished on time and under budget. The sixth formers were able to enjoy the space within a week of completion. Staff and students alike have praised the openness and flexibility of the space.

For more information on the collaborative approach that made this project possible, see: How transparency can transform a school building project