Robert Yeandle - Chairman


"I am so proud of how John Perkins Construction has grown over the years and whilst refined we have never deviated from our original values."

Robert Yeandle

Robert Yeandle has a long history in construction, having spent the last 45 years working in various different guises. Starting out his career in 1978 as a trainee surveyor/estimate Rob moved next into the role of Contracts Manager. After over 10 years in the industry, he co-founded John Perkins Construction with David Perkins in 1992.

As Managing Director, Rob helmed the ship of John Perkins Construction for more than 25 years, from modest beginnings to an annual turnover on course for £12million. In 2020, as part of the company’s succession planning Rob took on the mantel of Chairman.

In this role Rob has refocused his attention on the bigger picture of John Perkins Construction. Although, a desire from the Company to ensure the resilience of the business going forward, and his desire for the Company to continually improve, kept him close to the daily company mechanics.

With the completion of this body of work and it’s launch within the company at the start of 2024, as planned, Rob has been able to reduce his weekly commitment to John Perkins Construction and add further Director and Trustee roles to his roster.

In 2022 he joined the Dragon Court Management Committee as their Director.

Further to this Rob joined Bristol Charities and The Concord Museum as a Trustee at the end of 2023. Sharing both his commercial knowledge and wealth of experience with these charities has brought a new dynamic to Rob’s career, one which he is fully embracing. In the vein Rob is seeking a Non-Executive Director role whereby he can provide insight and ‘know how’ to other businesses.

Robert Yeandle

To achieve the accolade of Most Considerate Site 2018 in the category of £1 million to £5 million is a monumental achievement. As an SME in the construction sector, John Perkins Construction has proved that construction sites and companies of any size can reach and exceed the very highest standards of industry best practice.

Edward Hardy
Chief Executive - Considerate Constructors Scheme